Toplink Innovation: A comprehesive strategy based on "the 3 major innovation steps"

La Seyne sur mer, 1st June 2005 - After 23 years spent in high-tech activities management, Alexandre Lorenzi creates Toplink Innovation

Doctor-Engineer in Optics and Signal Processing, he joined Claude Bozzo at CSEE in 1982 to create the advanced laboratory of the Company, specialised in the new technologies of Computing and Microelectronics.

Then, he co-founded CETIA in 1987 (Thales Computers today), a company specialised in microelectronics and real time embedded computing systems creating first the CETIA Consulting Services Activity in the field of VLSI Asics design, then managing CETIAs Technical and Business Operations.

On Marc Lassus demand, he then creates from 1996, within Gemplus, several activities in the field of Information Technologies, like the Multimedia Business Division of Gemplus, then Certplus, the Gemplus Trusted third Party subsidiary and last but not least, the Gemplus Smart Card Terminals Activity, as the worldwide leader in 2001.

Leaving Gemplus in 2002, he works as a consultant in the field of Strategic Development for Start-Up and SMEs. He brings this competence to Toplink Innovation, reinforces team skills in Innovation management, and designs "the 3 major innovation steps".

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