Our know-how

The main added value of Toplink®Innovation is to be close to the customer along the “3 major innovation Steps” it’s customer is going through.

He indeed needs to know about it’s positioning to be able to define an accurate go to market, in terms of products/market fit and selling channels.

Funding it’s R&D roadmap is then the next step to consider, making the difference between the Corporate R&D projects , which will be achieved by its own and the more open projects, able to be fund through R&D collaborative projects .

The valuation of the developed technologies (IP) and of the offer will made through  technological and usiness partnerships with other industrial companies, thanks to Toplink®Innovation professional networks.

We really do think that this global approach which is specific to Toplink®Innovation is especially mandatory for early stage Start-up and SMEs for which a vision mistake is always of huge consequences.

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