Innovation Management

ToplinkTM Innovation eases skills networking to help you achieve successfully your R&D middle and long term Projects.

This« second major Innovation step » is split into 3 stages: Project Clarification, Set-up and Management, which ToplinkTM Innovation offers to define and implement with you.

During the clarification stage, specifications definition is made in partnership with you. Then Toplink Innovation is often choosing, during the set-up stage, the most relevant tool depending on the customer's needs and the different kinds of project frameworks proposed by the European Commission in its H2020 programme (for Research and Development Plan, see European projects).

The way to finance the project is of essence but the main ToplinkTM Innovation added-value sits in its capability to organize well balanced consortia (industrial companies, research laboratories, Institutions...) to satisfy customers needs in terms of R&D skills complementarity,« win-win » business and technical partnerships at the end of the project, and to maximize the chances to be successful regarding the selection criteria from EC to be strictly taken into account.

ToplinkTM Innovation team members have been dealing with complex EC projects for years and have the capability and needed track-record to successfully lead these projects in all aspects, including a powerful collaborative networking tool for more efficient work. ToplinkTM Innovation is able to propose in this second stage a bundled offer for both technical and administrative management.

Our services

  • R&D innovative projects set-up and management in partnership
  • Skills networking
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