Start-Up, SMEs, big Companies

Development Strategy

Strategic Planning

  • Marketing positioning, Risks and Opportunities
    • Technical and competitive survey
    • Market key priorities
    • Offering rationalization
  • Business Planning
    • Product Planning set-up : Focus on added value
    • Competencies management (« make or Buy »)

Growth funding

  • Looking for « Business Angels »
  • Search for VCs, balanced Turnarounds
  • M&A target assessments, Organizational integration strategy

Innovation Management  

Skills Networking for R&D Innovative Projects


  • R&D Projects definition based on Strategic Analysis

Project Set-up

  • Consortium definition: search for European partners
  • Assessment of needed resources
    • Budget definition
  • Funding search
    • Selection of the best financement program
  • Draft Proposal

Project Management

  • Administration : Informations centralisation
  • Reporting : intermediate deliverables reports
  • Meetings organization with partners
  • Secured extranet proposal to ease information workflow between participants

Outcomes Valuation

Technology and Products valuation

  • Industrial partnerships set-up
  • Technology licensing agreements definition
  • Sales Channels proposal
  • Sales partnerships implementation
  • Support to drive products to Market
  • Communication Consulting

Financial valuation for Innovative effort (SME)

  • Special programs for start-ups
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