R&D Projects

The added value of Toplink® Innovation consists in building an appropriate skills network through a well balanced consortium financed with a tool taking into account the project type as well as industrial and R&D project leader potential

Toplink® Innovation is fitting with the project leader typology (most of the time a SME closer to the market) when making the choice for the appropriate funding tool, whatever the project is a regional, national or European one.

Several criteria linked to the maturity of the company are taken into account to refine this choice, like the market impact and the boost for the company development.

The company maturity and the level of its assets are also of essence when trying to classify these tools :

  • APRF (regional) or Eurostars (European) projects  are showing budgets around 1M€ since FUI (National) or EUREKA clusters(European) are dealing with 5M€ budgets.
  • Some national projects are showing budgets much more important , able to structure a new industrial field and to change the rules of the market game, such as PIA governemental programme (operated by BPI) destinated to start-up, small & intermediary size companies and showing budgets between 10 and 45 M€ or PSPC tools, created by French clusters and allowing big companies to get back subsidies.
  • Some Eureka clusters are also showing gigantic budgets

Last but not least, the technology level of a company is according to the level of abstraction of the  collaborative R&D project to deal with. It is of essence for the project leader to get this point when willing to participate to ANR projects or H2020 European projects, very R&D oriented, where the research capabilities are mandatory to be successful.

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