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Eureka is the result of an initiative from France and Germany which aims at reinforcing European competitiveness when helping innovative projects involving industrial structures.

Eureka is in fact an extension of the French clusters at the European level, much more close to the market than EC H2020 programme. By the way there is a direct fit between French funding tools and European funding tools.

Information technology is the most important topic among these Eureka clusters (PENTA, ITEA 3, EURIPIDES²) and is running with the help of industrial steering committees.

Eurostars in a more confidential programme (2/3 european partners) adressing high performing SMEs willing to optimize their go to market process with mature industry driven R&D.

Eureka clusters

Eureka clusters


The European Union Horizon 2020 programme

The European Commission is dedicating subsidies to laboratories, research centers and SMEs to set-up together, as a European Consortium, some innovative projects.For the 2014-2020 time period, 80 Billions € will be dedicated to resarch & innovation. In particular, some topics like ICT, NMP and Security programs cooperation are very attractive.

Other calls such as SME INSTRUMENTor FAST TRACK TO INNOVATION (FTI) are breaking the rules by enabling industries to fund their Go To Market roadmap through the industrialisation of innovative products (TRL6 -> TRL 9) alone or collaboratively.

Horizon 2020

Conditions to be successfull

  • Relevance of the subject
  • Ambitions of the project
  • Partners’ capability to gather resources and knowledge
  • Ability to promote innovation
  • Ability to lead the project from the organization and management standpoint

The EC highlights the role of specialized ompanies (such as Toplink Innovation) in the management and coordination of projects (management costs are covered by the EC).

Partnership advantages

Positive outcomes of being part of a European Project :

  • Funding
  • Access to complementary skills
  • Communication outcomes
  • International visibility
  • Access to European Innovation “community”
  • Turning innovative concept into real implementation
  • Personal and Company Development

A real opportunity to innovate and enhance worldwide market positioning while saving money.

European Commission Informations

The CORDIS pages (Community Research & Development Information Service) provide you with detailed information on the EC H2020 tools.

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