Market Segments : some examples

Electronics, Microelectronics, Optronics and Nanotechnologies

  • Componants
  • Material
  • Process

Courtesy of Essilor International

Courtesy of Essilor International

It's one of the main application field for Toplink®Innovation. This is a network of micro lenses issued by ESSILOR INTERNATIONAL, one of the Toplink®Innovation key customers. This technology serves a lot of applications, especially in the field of solar energy.

Essilor International has been our client for 12 years (phase 1 & 2)

Image and Signal processing

Virtual reality and lightning simulation are two comprehensive fields Toplink®Innovation has been used to deal with through different R&D collaborative projects on behalf of it's customer OPTIS . Here is the result of such lighting simulation by Optis.

Optis has been our client for 9 years (phase 1 & 2)

Information Technologies

  • telecommunications
  • e-business
  • e-commerce

Courtesy of Qualtera

Courtesy of Qualtera

Center on TelCo market segment, projects handled by Toplink Innovation are linked to smart cards secure transactions (bank, indentity, transport, secured access, eHealth, internet of things), or more recently, with Qualtera, decision support systems using advanced "Big Data & Cloud" technologies.

Qualtera has been our client for 3 years (phase 1, 2 & 3)

Embedded Systems

Embedded systems for real time signal processing are also part of Toplink® Innovation's background. ACTIA SODIELEC illustrates this topic with this communication hardware dedicated to railway applications.

Actia Sodielec has been our client for 8 years (phase 2)

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